Villa Eva Samos Greece
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Villa Eva


For individuals

Every person, every face and every smile tells a different and unique story. We aim to take care and satisfy the needs of every single visitor and help them create their own magnificent story in Samos.

Trainers & Groups

With both experience and venues, Villa Eva can host seminars and workshops, providing comprehensive support to the trainer and the instructors. Please, don’t hesitate to check the facilities and ask for more information about the support and the additional services we provide.

4 Seasons

Samos is an ideal destination for the whole year. The feast of the spring flowers, the majestic blue summer sea, the unique shades of autumn and the inner warmth of winter, create the perfect scenery for your stay.

Get Inspired



Dear Friends and Guests,


Stelios Karabetsos and Ellina Mitropoulou welcome you and send you warm and sunlit greetings from Villa Eva and the island of Samos.


We are certain that you will find out that the aureate, tranquil yet powerful Samian light is mighty potent to make you feel refreshed, well-rested and relaxed, always in combination with the comfortable and hospitable facilities of Villa Eva and our personal care for your accommodation.


You can also visit the section of our activities, so you may choose whichever suits you best. There is little doubt that you will indeed sense the care and love that envelopes them. Moreover, every year we host a wide variety of workshops and this year is no exception. One or more of the many to be offered is sure to appeal to you and inspire you.


Looking forward to seeing you in Samos,
Stelios Karabetsos and Ellina Mitropoulou


Seminar Hall

This room is a point of reference of Villa Eva. It is surrounded by green woods. The interior of the room is simple, with large windows looking out at a full pallet of blues.

Spa - Jacuzzi

Take full advantage of the ultimate experience of relation by taking a dip in our Jacuzzi. Nothing can compare to the deep relaxing experience that a Jacuzzi can offer.

Kiosk - Furnace

With the view of the East and the small cove of St. Nicholas, you can savor your breakfast or a meal, delight in some friendly conversation, or simply be left to the murmurs of the waves and the whispers of the mountain.




Samos is one of the few islands that have both sea and mountains. This island not only offers magnificent clean beaches, but also has lush green mountains with trails of incredible beauty.

Chi Quong

Marriage of Heaven and Earth and Opening the Energy Gates

Modern Meditation

Nowadays, in an era of acceleration and “hyper-information”, meditation is projected as a need more than at any other time in history.


The word Shiatsu in Japanese means “pressure with the fingers” if translated literally.That suggests that pressure on specific points or areas of the body


A strong and flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health – whatever you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is not only a cure but a complete philosophy and way of life. Soft and gentle touches are applied to the body, spine and skull.


Seminars 2018

Every year we host a wide variety of workshops

The Seminars of the 2018 are coming really soon!


Feel free to contact us

Villa Eva Samos


Agios Nikolaos
Karlovasi, Samos